Playground Safety Tips for Organizations and Homeowners

Playground Inspection and Safety Tips


Playground SafetyAt this time of year, it is common to find children eager for the warmer weather and the ability to enjoy your playground. Whether you’re an organization, business, church or homeowner, as we get closer to spring it’s a good idea to begin thinking about inspecting your playground equipment to ensure the safety of the children who will play on it. Additionally, adequate playground supervision is another item to reflect on.


Playground Inspection and Maintenance
There are numerous things to consider when inspecting your playgrounds. Consider the following when working to keep your playground up to par:

  • Create a maintenance schedule for an easy way to organize your playground inspections.
  • Perform regular inspections on equipment, such as playground corners or edges, protective caps, equipment anchors, handrails, guardrails, protective barriers, steps, rungs or ladders.
  • Make sure surfaces around playground equipment have adequate shock absorbing material installed or are deeply mulched.
  • Always check your playground for broken glass or other debris that could be dangerous. To reduce the likelihood of finding such items, conveniently locate and maintain trash receptacles on the playground.
  • To prevent children from tripping while at play, correct or remove any hazards, such as exposed concrete footings, tree stumps and rocks.
  • Repair any areas that have inadequate drainage or low spots that would allow standing water.


Even with regular inspection and maintenance, the supervision on playgrounds also is crucial to children’s safety. It is important that all supervisors have an understanding of the basics of playground safety, and are given proper instruction. Here are a few basics supervisors should be informed about:

  • The types of playground equipment provided;
  • The hazards associated with the different types of playground equipment;
  • Age-appropriateness of playground equipment;
  • First aid;
  • Strangulation or entrapment hazards for children on the playground; and
  • Procedures regarding how to handle emergencies.


Providing adequate care for children is an important aspect of all our lives. With spring fast approaching, ensure your playgrounds are safe to use by inspecting all of your equipment and training your supervisors if you’re part of an organization.