Thieves Are Out To Steal Your PIN Code – A Prevention Tip

There is a new way for thieves to steal your ATM or DEBIT CARD PIN Code using an iPhone without you noticing and they don’t have to be near you to pull it off. Before you think it’s as simple as a thief taking a video of you entering your PIN, well think again. This practice of electronic pick-pocketing is far more advanced than that and far more difficult to defend against if you’re not aware of it in the first place. Be sure to watch this video and see how simple it is to protect yourself and prevent it from happening to you.

An obvious tip not included in the video is to use something other than your finger when punching in a PIN Code such as the tip of a key or pen.

Of course another concern is that if the PIN Code thief gets the PIN, a nearby partner in crime will attack to get the card. So one way of preventing an attack may be to prevent them from getting the PIN Code to begin with.